Management of Transport logistics processes

Management of Transport logistics processes

The educational program is designed to provide local and international labor markets with highly qualified and competent specialists with relevant education in the field of transport logistics management who have the knowledge, skills and competences required for successful work in logistics. Their activities will promote the development of transport services in Georgia.

After a successful completion of the course student will be able to:

  • Describe methods of management of transportation processes taking into consideration the operational and technical characteristics of existing types of transport;
  • Maintain the organization and management of the transportation processes in accordance with the type of cargo, taking into consideration the specific types of transport, route and other parameters; Providing information on the field of transport;
  • Reveal marketing opportunities for the development of the firm's activities and participates in the distribution of the supply chain;
  • Conduct marketing and managerial processes in transport and industrial firms;
  • Ensure the continuity of the transport process through the reduction of the electricity due to technical reasons of the rolling stock
  • On the basis of qualified analysis, it is based on the principles of ethical norms for the use of modern computer technologies for their expertise in writing and verbal formalities (and non-specialists) on important issues of management of logistical processes;
  • Participate in establishing the necessary general and professional value in the transport industry; Respects the colleagues' work and strictly adheres to ethical norms in human relations.

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Bachelor of Transport Engineering