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The Master of Business Administration provides students with three major competences in the field (Finance, Tax-Customs, and Management) to provide advanced and wide range of knowledge. Equips with the practical skills of creative research methods to enable students to accomplish the tasks, problem analysis, reasoning conclusions and make relevant decisions.

The program combines managerial-financier activities in the field of customs and tax. It is by nature and complexity unique to Georgia, based on customs-tax practices established in Georgia.  According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia, there are over 400 thousand registered enterprises in Georgia. Each of these enterprises needs a modern knowledge and expertise. With the growth of the economy, management of enterprises will remain the largest sphere of employment for graduates.

After a successful completion of the course student will be able to:

  • Determine national and global processes and strategies and analyzes the impact of integration with the European Union and socio-economic development of Georgia on business development.
  • Critically evaluate and reveals financial problems, determines the ways of rational implementation of sustainable development of fiscal, financial and banking, tools, and mechanisms for solving problems effectively.
  • Reveal tax and customs problems, experiences the experience of foreign countries, sets out its adaptation mechanisms and ways in Georgia and defines recommendations for solving problems.
  • Solve organizational and managerial problems, chooses markets, firms, and partner organizations, receives rational and innovative managerial solutions to solve problems; Uses management technologies and marketing principles in organization of the firm, development of events, planning and implementation.
  • Find information, prepares reports, reports and recommendations and submits them to the professional community in the Georgian and English languages.
  • Is focused on the protection of multicultural, ethical, religious and national values.

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Master of Business Administration