TOU is a member of various international scientific and academic networks. The members of university staff and academic personnel actively participate in international conferences, forums and study visits. The internationalization strategy of TOU is aimed at providing its students, administrative and academic staff with opportunities of advancing their professional performance through various exchange programs as well as creating grounds for sharing experience through hosting and accommodating visiting scholars locally.

TOU has been engaged in Erasmus + International Credit Mobility/ICM project and has been involved in the preparatory workshops of Capacity Building/CBHE and Jean Monnet projects through an extensive cooperation with local and international partners. The university has established strong and promising partnerships with number of European Universities. However, the list of active partners of the university is not limited with European neighbourhood. The university has established a preliminary partnership with several US higher education institutions with the purposes of developing a practice oriented training module for students, teaching and administrative staff of the university.

TOU contains Confucius Institute (the former Class of Confucius which was upgraded in December, 2019) which promotes multiple scientific and teaching and learning activities at the university. Since 2018 the Confucius Institute has been the initiator of conducting international scientific conference on Global Challenges of One Belt One Road. The continued tradition of holding the conference aims at establishing of permanent professional platform for approaching the OBOR issues from multiple dimensions tackling its political, economic and legal aspects.