Law and Economics Center

The Law and Economics Center is based in the university, which is aimed to research law and economic policies influence on the legislative process, stimulation and monitoring of scientific and practical processes, effective response to problems and challenges, raising up the awareness of public on the survey results. The Center has unique potential to create a place for research, discussion and teaching in the field of law and economic policy, which will carry out the activities of the competence, transparency and professional ethics principles.

The initiators of founding Center are: Tbilisi Open University Law School, Tbilisi State University Law School, Georgian Bar Association and High Council of Justice of Georgia (HCOJ).

The mission of the Center is to create an environment of interdisciplinary discussions and ideas on topical issues of law and economic policy, in which the representatives of scientific field, as well as practitioners and students will be actively involved. The centers main activieties and working directions are: research, discussion field, continuous education.

Contact person: Ketevan Tskhadadze

Email: [email protected]