School of law

სამართლის სკოლა

Among its four schools the School of Law is one of the oldest at Tbilisi Open University. The School of Law comprises of basic administrative team led by the Dean of the School as well as of academic staff involved in teaching. The School of Law at TOU is designed to equip students with relevant knowledge and enhance their professional skills and values across the path of their professional development. The School has taken a precise approach of preparing its students for real practice and real live case scenarios with complex and various legal contexts, this way providing their readiness for a highly competitive legal markets.

The School of Law at TOU has programs for Bachelor's and Master's students. On both levels of study, with due significance in the specificities of teaching goals and estimated outcomes of each of them, teaching is based intensively on the use of interactive teaching methodology with expanded focus on active teaching and learning. Innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in teaching and learning are highly valued at the School.

The School of Law is committed to emphasize the core skills of professional responsibility and professional enthusiasm. Empathy, tolerance and respect are to be seen as core values in teaching at the School. Student-centered approach allows teachers to consider all the diversities and specificities of group members within the possibilities of student- faculty ratio considered for specific classes.

Teaching in the School of Law is compliant to contemporary principles and practices of higher legal education aimed at raising the lawyers of modern type. Along with delivering conventional knowledge to students considerable attention is paid to building a whole set of skills and professional habits demonstrating competitive advantage today. Those are exploring the concepts of emotional intelligence for lawyers, introducing the tools for alternative dispute resolution, discovering opportunities for online legal counseling and online dispute resolution, etc.

The School of Law is proud to have permanent and invited academic staff which has considerable professional reputation, experience and position at various levels of relevant institutions within the legal system, with substantial record in academic and scientific activities and in teaching.

The School of Law has a variety of facilities for making the application of knowledge effective. The School has the office for legal clinic, separate space for mock trials, conference rooms and working spaces for large and small group activities. The School provides externship opportunities for its students in highly respectable government and non-government organizations across the country.

The School closely cooperates with The Center of Law and Economics established at the premises of the university this way allowing its academic staff and students to get actively engaged in scientific and research activities of interdisciplinary kind.