University life

The university has a modern infrastructure to meet the needs of students, faculty and administrative staff. The building contains spaces for small and large classes, group-works and conferences, mock trials, clinical and laboratory activities and research. One of the main infrastructural assets of the university is the library with its rich material and access to wider networks.

We value the social time of our workers and students. We offer a space for rest, out of class activities and cultural interaction. The university has a large hub for cafeteria and an open and a healthy space outside the building. We have all facilities to make your working process of teaching learning and research pleasant, rich with content and experience.

The university is committed to assist students in their professional orientation. We not only provide knowledge and training for skills, but also take responsibility in guidance for choosing proper professional paths for students to follow. We see ourselves as a channel through various career opportunities and keep our students updated about possible and relevant employment opportunities on a regular basis. We keep our networks open for our alumni so that we can keep records of their experience, professional growth and feedback in a longer period of time.

We take a student-centred approach at TOU. We listen to our students and let them teach us how to treat and teach them best. We encourage our students to reflect on teaching and learning processes and come up with their supportive, innovative and extraordinary approaches and decisions. We value their voices and choices.

We care for enriching the life of our students by offering them ways of exploring and growing their talents and spirits. We have variety of clubs and student hubs that help our students find their ways through sport, art and music. We trust in necessity of integrating those out of class activities into everyday routine of our students as we want to see them happier and enthusiastic about their lives with TOU and in general. This helps all of us to come together and engage around the same purpose under the same roof.

We're rich in cultures and we welcome all kinds of cultural events to cultivate intercultural and interpersonal exchange, tolerance and enlightenment.