Tbilisi Open University was founded in 2002 under a name of Georgian Tax Academy by a leading scientists and experts in the field. In 2012 due to market dynamics, new management strategy and vision, university acquired its present name Tbilisi Open University. This transformation has been predated by a number of circumstances such as growing popularity of our quality education, high employment rate of our graduates and increased demand for new programs on the market.

Just under 20 years of its existence TOU proved to be the fastest growing institution on the market while transforming from a small size teaching establishment with just 2 faculties into the full spectrum University with 4 schools and a numerous degree programs. Today TOU is a vibrant intellectual community known for its cutting-edge research and the expansive scope of expertise, consisting of nearly 400 faculty members and visiting professors and strong cohorts of graduate and undergraduate students employed in public and private sector.

Recent years have seen major changes in structure and development of the university. By establishing solid partnerships with number of international universities and adopting the best of their practice, TOU transformed into the most innovative and vibrant university in the region. Establishment of new departments and research centers such as: TOU Scientific Research Center, Center of Law and Economics, in line with hosting numerous international conferences and public events have attracted many high profile scientists, writers, journalists and politicians to TOU.

TOU campus has continued to develop over the years with establishing a presence at the University street, in the central part of the city. The new 15.000 sq meter academic building designed by leading architects and equipped with state of the art facilities, opened its doors to students and faculty in 2017.

TOU continues to move forward as one of the leading universities in the country, building upon its distinctive history, unique values and commitment to the local and global community.