Student Club

სპორტული კლუბი

We create opportunities for TOU students to make the most of their student life, providing the people, places and programs that support their growth, wellness and success both within and outside of the classroom – at TOU and in the world beyond.

As a student you can choose to join one of the Student Clubs or events organized by the university or come up with your own idea on a new one and deliver it to the students self-governance for consideration.

  • Literature Club

TOU Literature Club provides opportunities for students to share their writing, discuss books and literary works, and attend various events related to literature and creative writing. The club hosts several events each semester led by a panel of experts, writers and students.

Our mission is to create a fun, inclusive, and stimulating atmosphere, where TOU students of all majors share their love of literature, and improve their own reading and writing at literary readings, conferences, discussion and conversation that cross disciplines and reach out to the global community.

  • Discussions Club

TOU Discussion club gives an opportunity to students to master their speech and ability to present in front of big audience. During the club gathering a selected group of students act as a panel, and the remaining club members act as the audience. The panel informally discusses selected questions. A panel leader is chosen and he/she summarizes the panel discussion and opens discussion to the audience.

  • Sports Club

Joining a sports club at TOU gives an opportunity to train, compete and socialize with other club members. The TOU Sports Club is open to all TOU students and currently has Basketball, Football and Volleyball teams that compete at local, regional and national levels.