Terms of Use

ღია უნივერსტეტის ბიბლიოთეკა

Library Rules

The facilities of the Library are primarily for the use of staff and students of Tbilisi Open University. Borrowing privileges may also be extended to certain categories of external users or reciprocal borrowers. Other members of the public, while not permitted to borrow may use the Library for research or study purposes provided they observe Library rules and conditions of use.

The University Librarian may determine the services offered by the Tbilisi Open University Library, and the users to whom these services may be provided. The University Librarian has discretion to require a user to produce proof of identity or entitlement to use the Tbilisi Open University Library.

Conditions of Use of the Library

All users of the Library have a right to pursue their study and research without unnecessary and/or unreasonable disturbance or distraction and have an obligation to respect the rights of others.

Mobile phones must be switched to silent as users enter the Library.

Noise, disturbance and unseemly behavior are not permitted in the Library. Any person causing a disturbance will be asked to leave.

Computing facilities are provided for research or study only. Users are responsible for ensuring that computing and communication facilities are used in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. Users are reminded that it is a criminal offence, without authority or lawful excuse, to obtain access to a program or data, to destroy, erase, alter or insert data without authorization, or to intercept or obstruct the lawful use of a computer.

Uncovered food and drinks are not permitted in the Library.

Library study and teaching rooms are not available for meetings of clubs or societies or as substitute classrooms for regularly scheduled lectures or classes. 


Users shall:

  • Register with the Tbilisi Open University Library prior to borrowing
  • Present items for borrowing to the librarian together with their ID card.
  • Report to Tbilisi Open University Library staff if items are damaged prior to borrowing;

The Library Can Not Issue:

  • The book, which is just one copy in the library;
  • Periodicals (magazines newspapers);
  • Rare editions, old books;
  • Video and audio materials;
  • Dictionaries;
  • Encyclopedias;

The book can be borrowed by the following terms:

Course book 1 semester, if the library has enough units;

Course book 1 semester, if the library has not enough units;

Fiction 2 months;

Other category book 14-30 days;

Responsibility of Users

Users shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuing, before they leave the  Tbilisi Open University Library, that any Library item that they remove from the premises of the Library has been registered for borrowing;
  • The safekeeping and return on or before the due date, as recorded in the library system, of items borrowed on their ID
  • Users are responsible for all materials consulted, whether borrowed for use outside the Library or not, and will be held liable for any loss, mutilation or other damage. The full cost of either repair or replacement shall on demand be payable to the University.


Unless authorized by the University Librarian or her/his delegate users shall not:

  • Be permitted to borrow without their ID card;
  • Lend their ID card to any other person for the purposes of borrowing Library items;
  • Return materials from other libraries

If a person is overdue to return the book or the relevant material he / she should be denied the right to take additional literature from the library; Diploma is not issued to student with liability to the library.

Two days before the book is due to be returned, the librarian sends a warning to the borrower; undelivered notification does not relieve the borrower from the sanctions;

The cost of each book is defined and recorded on the university balance sheet; 

Library is located on -1 floor

Opening hours:

9am until 6pm on weekdays

Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Sunday: Closed